sexta-feira, 2 de maio de 2014

Day 7 of #100HappyDays: TvShows

Aproveitar uma manhã de um feriado para pôr as séries em dia, de certeza que me faz feliz. Hoje, por coincidência, foi um dia para ver séries de comédia e garanto que foi uma manhã muito bem passada. Não tenho nenhuma preferida, pois cada uma destas cumprem com o seu objectivo. Aconselho qualquer uma destas séries para quem quer passar uns agradáveis 20 minutos. 

Watching a few episodes of my favorites tvshows, certainly makes me happy. Today, coincidentally, it was all about comedy. I guarantee that it was a very happy morning. I can't choose which one of the picture above is my favorite: Mindy Project is all about the love life of Mindy Kalling and she is simply fantastic; Baby Daddy has a great cast and the writers sometimes are brilliant!; Mixology is somehow original and gives a new perspective to how we can do a show in just one place and one night; Modern Family is, and I think we can call it, a modern classic; and Trophy Wife is so fresh and hands down to the cast - Bert character has to ben one of my favorites of all time.  
If you want to spend 20 minutes with a great mood, watching some of these shows will make you happy.


P.s- This should've been posted early in the afternoon, but I have to say that today was also a happy day for spending the day with my family and in the evening I watched Benfica winning the Europe League semi-final! :D

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