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Fitness III: Tennis

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Outra excelente maneira de manter a boa forma física é praticar um desporto do qual gostamos muito. Já vos falei da corrida, que é dos meus exercícios preferidos, mas também não posso esquecer do ténis. É dos melhores desportos que podemos praticar. Além de ser muito exigente é divertido, pelo menos para mim. Costumam jogar?
Fica aqui algumas ideias de equipamento que podemos usar neste desporto. 
Mantenham-se saudáveis! 

Another excellent way to keep in shape is to practice a sport that you love. A few days ago I told you about running but this time I'll only talk about tennis. It's one of the best sports that you can practice. As I mentioned before, I used to have tennis classes and I spent one year without playing it. But it's like running a bicycle - you never forget how to do it. Although it can be very stressful sometimes. One day everything is perfect and then you go play again and it's like you never done it before. You just have to go again and have fun. Do you usually play?
Here are some ideas of clothing that we can use in this sport.
Stay healthy!
Nike and Adidas 

Nike,  Adidas  UnderArmour and Wilson

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